Grateful in any circumstances

A few conferences ago, President Uchdorf gave an excellent talk called “Grateful in any circumstances.”  In his talk, Uchdorf suggested that “instead of being thankful for things, we focus on being thankful in our circumstances—whatever they may be.” “We can choose to be grateful, no matter what.” “When we are grateful to God in our […]

Keeping a Journal Increases Personal Revelation

I’ll admit it.  I have a tortured relationship with journaling.  Despite having a blog named LDS Study Journal, my journaling has gone in waves.  I’m not the normal I forget-to-write-in-my-journal type of person. Rather, when I failed to keep a journal, I have usually done so deliberately.  Life wasn’t going so well for a while. […]

BYU Speeches

7 BYU Talks on the Atonement

A collection of 7 great BYU talks on the atonement:  His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox, In the Strength of the Lord by David A. Bednar, Are ye Stripped of Pride by Kim B. Clark, and more!

Joseph Smith First Vision

Quotes about Truth by Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith taught that that the best way to obtain truth was to go to God directly. These quotes by Joseph Smith illustrate his belief that God is the source of all truth. Quotes about Obtaining Truth by Joseph Smith The best way to obtain truth and wisdom is not to ask from books, but […]

We are the spirit children of God

We are the Spirit Children of God

Many people in the world are confused about our divine identity.  That is, what is the divine identity of man?  In other words, are we the spirit children of God?  As will be seen through ancient and modern scripture, the answer is a resounding yes!  We are the spirit children of God! We are the […]

Scriptures about Faith by Matthew

Scriptures about faith by the Apostle Matthew

Faith in Jesus Christ is the most important gift a person could ever receive in this life as faith cometh by hearing … the word God (Romans 10:17).  This is why Mormons go on missions and do missionary work, for how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? (Romans 10:14).  If […]

Missionary work scriptures - field is white already to harvest

Scriptures about Missionary Work

Missionary work is a divine injunction.  Ancient and modern scriptures are full of references to doing missionary work.  You can also read about why do Mormons go on missions.  Mormons believe in the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants as scripture.  The picture is a Van Gogh representing a […]

Elder Bednar Tithing Talk – Subtle but Significant Blessings

Elder Bednar gave yet another interesting general conference address, shedding light on the ancient (and modern) commandment of tithing.  Often when the commandment of tithing is taught, the teacher focuses on dramatic blessings that can sometimes result from paying tithing.  Not so with Elder Bednar, who focused on the “significant but subtle blessings” coming from […]

Love Story

Promises of the Lord

Obtaining Promises from the Lord A promise is a specific commitment from God that he will grant a particular sought-after blessing.  The scriptures abound with accounts of individuals who obtained promises from God, which were all fulfilled “in the due time of the Lord”. Even so, the actual process by which promises are obtained and […]

Quotes about Prayer

I assembled a bunch of quotes about prayer from some of my favorite general authorities of the LDS (Mormon) Church.  I hope you enjoy them!  Prayer is powerful! “Our daily prayers influence our thoughts, our words, and our actions.  In order to retain a remission of our sins, it is essential that we ask our […]

Best of the Funny Mormons Videos

If you’ve been on YouTube, you’ve probably seen a funny Mormon video, either produced by a Mormon, or about the Mormon faith*.  Why are Mormons so funny?  Well, Mormons don’t drink, smoke, or have pre-marital sex.  This leaves us Mormons with LOTS of free time and money to produce funny YouTube videos. *The real name […]

Spiritual Laws of Money

Spiritual Laws of Money

By learning and applying the spiritual laws of money, you can be sure that you will have enough and will be pleasing God with your life. There is a hardly a topic as fraught with controversy as “money.”  Yet every day, the vast majority of God’s children labor all day long for the money necessary […]

Why do mormons go on missions

Why Do Mormons Go On Missions?

Mormons go on missions to help people improve their lives by embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Many people wonder why Mormons* go on missions.  Mormons go on missions because they believe that sharing the gospel is a commandment of the Lord.  While Mormons are encouraged to serve as missionaries, it is not an official […]

Quotes about Pioneer Women - LDS

Quotes about Pioneer Women

In honor of the upcoming Pioneer Day, I assemble some great quotes about pioneer women by past and present church and Relief society leaders. Quote about Pioneer Women by Julie Beck “Early women were drive from homes and persecuted because of their faith. … They crossed oceans and walked thousands of miles, tolerating dirt, illness, […]

Serve God by Serving Others

Serve God by Serving Others

Christ taught us that the way to serve God is serving others.  Jesus taught us to serve God, stating that “inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40; D&C 42:38).  The gospel teaches us to serve God by serving others, […]

The Strong Forgive

Why do we need to forgive others?

Why do we need to forgive others?  Because God has commanded us to forgive others. God expects us to forgive others.  There is a true saying that “there are two types of people in heaven, those that forgive and those that are forgiven.”  Forgiving others is part of the gospel of Christ for two important […]

Quotes about Faith by President Monson

Quotes about Faith by President Monson

I drafted this posting about quotes about faith by President Monson about a month ago.  However, with the recent passing of Francis Monson, wife to President Thomas S. Monson, it turns out that posting is more timely than I thought.  Losing a spouse has to be one of the greatest tests of faith that a […]

Elder Bednar Law of Chastity Talk

Elder Bednar Law of Chastity Talk

Elder David A. Bednar gave a powerful talk on the law of chastity this past general conference.  A professor by training and a teacher by heart, Elder Bednar teaches with great clarity and conviction.  His most recent talk entitled We Believe in Being Chaste is no different.  Certainly the Elder Bednar law of chastity talk will […]

God Loves A Cheerful Heart

Our Heavenly Father wants His children to have a cheerful heart and attitude.  After all, “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25).  But if God wants us to have a cheerful heart (Proverbs 17:22), then why is life so hard?  Well, the answer to that […]

Is there life after this life?

Where do we go after this life?

The most important question a person can ask is “where do we go after this life?”  This question helps guide how they live this life.  After this life, we go to a place called the spirit world.  The spirit world is divided between paradise (Luke 23:43; Alma 40:12-13) and spirit prison (1 Peter 3:18-19).  On […]